Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriters Festival
P.O. Box 651
Henderson, KY 42419
Email address:

Please reach out to any of the following Songfest Representatives with questions that may be able to assist you with your needs. We look forward to chatting about the Sandy Lee Songfest!

Sandy Lee Songfest Co-Chairs

Joey Marshall (270) 454-6054

Susie Watkins (270) 860-5201

Media Co-Chairs

Jessica Beaven (270) 577-0534

Shelbi Carroll (270) 287-1300

Sponsorship Co-Chairs

Steve Hoskins (270) 869-4250

Keith Carroll (270) 869-4344

Venue & Sound Chair

Shawn Royster (270) 860-2235

Artist interested in submitting their resume to participate in the Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriters Festival, please send to our email at